Alpha 1 Oxygen Analyser

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Product Description

Hand held oxygen analyser ideal for analysing oxygen content in any location. The robust metal housing which includes the oxygen sensor and the water-proof (IP65) construction make this analyser a first choice for diving schools, instructors and divers alike.

The Alpha 1 is standard with the pro panel and Mixmaster panels and available as an option with the classic panel.


Cast metal housing sealed with rubber gaskets, IP65 protection
Large stainless steel eye for lanyard/hook
Fine calibration with hand wheel, secondary calibration inside
User replaceable 9V battery (display goes faint to indicate battery change due)
Sensor inlet sealed with screw cap and O Ring for water protection and conserving sensor life
User replaceable sensor, expected life approx. 3 years
Measuring range 1-100% oxygen
0.1% accuracy