Auto Filling Selector

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Product Description

Auto filling selectors provide the ideal solution for simple and effective storage management. Theses units co-ordinate the flow of air in the filling station automatically between the compressor, the storage and the filling panel. The user simply connects the empty cylinders to the filling panel and opens the cylinder valves.

The compressor, storage and auto filling selector can be located remotely from the filling panel with only one HP line between the auto filling selector and the filling panel. In addition to simplified filling operations, the auto filling selectors also save energy and time making the filling operation more economical. Once the compressor is switched on, it will not switch off until all the cylinders that are connected on the filling panel are filled and the storage bank is refilled to maximum working pressure. The compressor runs continuously during the entire filling operation and therefore more efficiently.

The auto filling selectors are available in 3 versions:
Pneumatic controlled auto filling selector

For applications with a storage pressure of min. 300 bar and a max. filling pressure of 225 bar.
300 x 270 x 100 mm, 3 kg

Pneumatic with integrated pressure reducing station

For applications with a storage pressure of min. 300 bar and a max. filling pressure of 225 bar. The outlet pressure is set by the pressure reducing station and is secured by the downstream safety valve.
550 x 350 x 150 mm, 9 kg

Electronic controlled auto filling selector

Switching points can be exactly set by the electronic pressure transducer. This system has to be used when the filling pressure is close to the storage pressure, e.g. storage pressure of 330 bar and filling pressure of 320 bar.
430 x 500 x 200 mm, 16 kg

Options: Auto start signal for the compressor

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