L&W CO2 Filter

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Product Description

Due to the large increase of CO2 in the ambient air during the recent years the filling of breathing air bottles according to EN 12021 is not always guaranteed.

The new L&W CO2 Filter is the professional solution to reduce the CO2 value below the permissible limit in the intake section of the compressor


Painted steel frame (RAL 6026)
Holder with quick release for CO2 filter cartridge
Intake hose connection Ø 32 mm
2 meters connecting hose (Inside-Ø 32 mm)
CO2 filter cartridge

Additional Options

Wall mounting kit
Stand for CO2 Filter (390 x 400 x 1250 mm, 19 kg)
Intake hose connection Ø 50 mm / Ø 76 mm
Intake hose