Puracon Stationary ECO

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Product Description

The usage of a Puracon monitoring system is the most reliable and economic method of breathing air monitoring. L&W Puracon systems can be ordered as an option for a new compressor unit or can also be easily integrated into an existing filling stations.

Puracon Stationary ECO is a cost-efficient solution for humidity monitoring during the filling procedure.The Puracon Stationary ECO can be connected directly to the high-pressure line after the humidity filter. The humidity value can be observed during the entire filling procedure. Exceeding of the limits will be indicated by a red LED.

Monitoring Range

Humidity:0 – 99 mg/m³
Pressure:150 – 350 bar

Compressor Details



Einstellbare Messgeschwindigkeit
Automatische Abschaltung (Batteriesparmodus)
Höhere Genauigkeit durch neue Temperaturkompensation
Alarm LED - Grenzwert frei einstellbar)

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