Puracon Stationary PRO CO/CO2

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Product Description

The new Puracon Stationary PRO CO/CO2 is the professional solution for continuous monitoring of humidity + CO + CO2 during the filling process of breathing air.

The stationary system is used to monitor all the required values of the breathing air quality in accordance with EN 12021 and provides a new security in the field of breathing air monitoring.

The Puracon Stationary PRO CO/CO2 is connected to the high pressure line after the breathing air filter and can also easily retrofitted at already existing breathing air compressors.

The determined values are clearly shown in the illuminated LCD display and if at least one limit value in the breathing air is exceeded the red alarm LED lights up brightly and the compressor can be switched off automatically with the installed shut down relay. This guarantees legal compliant filling of breathing.

Monitoring Range:

Puracon Stationary PRO CO/CO2 
Humidity:5 – 120 mg/m³
CO:0 – 30 ppm


0 – 3000 ppm
Pressure:max. 350 bar

Compressor Details



Schaltkasten zur Wandmontage
Großes LCD Display Ø = 96 mm
Netzkabel (Länge 1,2 m) mit CE Stecker 230 V AC
Anzeige der Messwerte in ppm, %, mg/m³ und bar
Druck- / Temperaturkompensation
Rote Alarm LED
Grüne Betriebs LED
Druckminderer inklusive Drosselventil
Max. Druckbereich: 350 bar (Optional 420 bar)
Inklusive Befeuchterstrecke

Additional Options

Additional remote display incl. cable
420 bar Version