Storage Management

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Product Description

Single stage storage management

High pressure valve and pressure gauge can be installed as a storage controll in every L&W filling panel.

Cascade panels

Cascade filling panels are efficient for filling operations without using the compressor (i.e. during silent periods). The separate panels can easiely be without any difficulty added to an existing filling station.

Compressor Details


1- Stufe
2- Stufen
3- Stufen
4- Stufen


Pulverbeschichtet in RAL 6026
1-, 2-, 3- oder 4-stufig
1 Eingang, Drehventile und Manometer für jede Stufe – für einfachste Handhabung und Übersicht
Eingang vom Kompressor, Ausgang zur Füllleiste
Komplett verrohrt

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