Filling Panels

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Product Description

The wide range of L&W filling panels has established itself as an industry benchmark for optimum design with an extensive list of features. The modular design guarantees that filling stations can be extended to adapt to your future requirements. The panels are available with either 200, 232 or 300 bar filling pressure (3000/4500 psi) or as dual pressure filling panels for simultaneous filling without the need to select the pressure. The self venting lever operated filling valves are available with either filling hoses and connections or direct filling connections for BA cylinders. We have a wide range of filling connections available.

A unique feature of the L&W panels is the facility to swing open the housing for maintenance work, without any disconnections, a leak check can be carried out while the panel is open.

Filling panels with filling hoses
  • 1000 mm HP hoses with stainless steel fittings (longer hoses available)
  • Filling connections anti-whip option recommended for DIN or NF connections
Filling panels with direct BA connections
  • Direct BA connections for flanging the cylinders on to the panel
  • Filling connections anti-whip option recommended for DIN or NF connections
  • Dust caps and holders for DIN connections
Stainless Steel Filling Panels

Ideal for installations in marine environments (beach locations, live aboard boats, etc.) where corrosion is a large problem. The stainless steel panels have the same features as the standard filling panels except they are fully equipped with stainless steel housing and fittings.


1 Druckbereich / 1-10 fach möglich
2 Druckbereiche / 1-9 fach möglich


Sturdy steel frame, removable for easy mounting, powder coated in RAL 6026
Steel plate housing powder coated in RAL 6026
8 mm bulkhead fitting for air inlet (inter-changeable left/right)
Ready for connection, piped with 8 mm stainless steel piping
Start/Stop remote control with running control lamp (available for various compressor controls)
Large O 100 mm pressure gauge for each filling pressure
Self-venting lever filling valves (venting within the housing for noise reduction). Valves equipped with extra silencers for further noise reduction.
Filling hoses or direct BA connections according to your specifications
Self-venting lever filling valves
Panels for dual pressure equipped

Additional Options

L&W anti-whip safety connections for DIN/NF connections
Storage inlet/outlet with hand wheel valve and pressure gauge
Pressure reducer and safety valve in the inlet for 300 bar storage and only 200 bar filling
8 mm bulkhead outlet for additional filling panels (modular system)
Customization on request