Nitrox / Trimix Gas Blending Panels

from 4.170,00 €

Product Description

Using the partial pressure method, Nitrox and/or Trimix can be mixed and filled safely, easily and accurately using our Pro or Classic filling panels. The panels are tested and certified for 100% oxygen and/or helium mixing for all your breathing gas requirements. Practical valve and gauge layout makes operation easy to learn and use.

For pure oxygen compatible air (OCA), we recommend using the Puracon air controller and/or an extra filter mounted on the panel. Wall mounted panels for safe and easy partial pressure gas blending. All gas inlets are fitted with isolation valves, non-return valves and flow restrictors. The oxygen/helium gas pressure can be read on individual pressure gauges without the need to open the valves which makes efficient gas cascading quick and simple. The design of the panels has been approved by the stringent German TÜV authorities as suitable for use in Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox applications.

The Panels have a removable rear cover which makes wall mounting very simple and are powder coated in RAL 6026. All the pipework and the connections are stainless steel providing years of trouble free service and safe gas flow. The valves are industrial quality.

Differece “Pro” zu “Classic”:
– incl. Alpha 1 Sauerstoff Analysengerät
– up tp 2 additional filling hoses can be fitted

Compressor Details



2 Sauerstoff- bzw. Helium-Anschlüsse (6 mm), jeweils mit Manometer und Drehventil / 3 Bei Pro version
1 Lufteingang (8 mm) mit Drehventil
1 Entlüftungsausgang (6 mm) mit Drehventil
Hauptmanometer Ø 160 mm, Kl. 1.0, 0-250 bar
Integrierte Steckbuchse für Sauerstoffsensor / Pro inkl. Alpha 1 Sauerstoff Analysegerät
Gas für Analyse ist druckreduziert
1 Füllschlauch, Flaschenanschluss nach Wahl
bis zu 3 zusätzliche Füllschläuche montierter / 2 bei Pro Version

Additional Options

Inlet purification filter
Alpha 1 analyser (for Nitrox Classic Panel)
Additional filling hose(s)
Helium/Oxygen analyser