Puracon Mobile

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Product Description

The usage of a Puracon monitoring system is the most reliable and economic method of breathing air monitoring. L&W Puracon systems can be ordered as an option for a new compressor unit or can also be easily integrated into an existing filling stations.

Puracon Mobil M200 / M300 is used for humidity monitoring during filling procedures or to check the equipment before diving. The humidity value can be controlled during the entire filling procedure. Exceeding of the limits will be indicated by a red LED. The Puracon Mobil M200 / M300 can be connected directly between cylinder and filling hose (no installation work on the compressor required).

M200: 150 bis 250 bar
M300: 250 bis 350 bar

Compressor Details


M200 - 150 bis 250 bar - Feuchte 0 - 99 mg/m³
M300 - 250 bis 350 bar - Feuchte 0 - 99 mg/m³


Automatische Abschaltung (Batteriesparmodus)
Höhere Genauigkeit durch neue Temperaturkompensation
Ohne Montagearbeiten am Kompressor verwendbar
Alarm LED - Grenzwert frei einstellbar
Feuchtebestimmung bereits gefüllter Flaschen möglich

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