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Product Description

These panels, although primarily for breathing air purification, can be used for various gas filtration requirements. The high pressure filter housings are certified and documented in accordance with current pressure vessel regulations to a maximum working pressure of 350 bar (5250 psi) and 420 bar (6200 psi).

The assembly is mounted on a sturdy wall panel and piped ready for connection with a pressure maintaining and non-return valve. If required, the inlet can be secured with a pressure relief valve. These panels are the preferred choice for filtration remote from the compressor and are ideal for multiple compressor installations especially when using a central refrigeration dryer, or for upgrading an outdated filter system.

The filter housings are available in three sizes, 1.7, 2.3, 10 litre volume and in single, double or triple combinations. Cartridges are available for breathing air, breathing air with additional CO/CO2 removal, drying, active charcoal, natural gas drying, and more.

Compressor Details


1 x 1,7 Liter
2 x 1,7 Liter
3 x 1,7 Liter
1 x 2,3 Liter
2 x 2,3 Liter
3 x 2,3 Liter
1 x 10 Liter
1 x 10 Liter + 1 x 2,3 Liter
2 x 10 Liter
2 x 10 Liter + 1 x 2,3 Liter


Vernickelte Stahl Filterbehälter mit einem Entwässerungsventil pro Konsole
Pulverbeschichtete Stahlblech Wandkonsole

Additional Options

Safety valve
Puracon filter monitoring
Filter cartridges